The Great Pyramids of Giza (Post One)

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Subject Code: EGYPT10032

Tutor: Egyptian Mummy

Today’s Lecture: Symbols of Egypt

When Egypt is mentioned, ‘Pyramids’ often come to mind. It is rare, however, that people can talk about their history or anything beyond their shape. I can guarantee you will eventually find yourself playing hide and seek within the sprawling tunnels of one. For this matter it is useful to brush up your knowledge, think of this as your first day at school in which I am your history teacher. After all, next time someone brings up pyramids – the conversation won’t be filled with uncomfortable silence.

Despite the recent protests and uprising, Egypt was once a very wealthy and influential nation. This was reflected in their architecture, with the man-made ‘Pyramids’ a symbol of their past. These served as a tomb to honour the deceased ‘Pharaos’ – the Kings of the nation. Weighing up to 6.5 million tonnes, they required 20 years to build! Such mind-blowing creations would be impressive even today – over 400 years later – with vast technology available to us. Appropriately, ‘The Great Pyramid of Giza’ is deemed the only one of the seven wonders that still stand, making it a universally recognised symbol.

Tomb robbers have stolen most  bodies that once laid within, taking away the historical significance of honouring the dead (what could these robbers possibly do with a corpse!) Despite this, the symbol still serves as a tribute to their ancestors and may bring togetherness in times of hardship such as the 2014 protests.  With an abundance of tourists, it could be said the once majestic aura has faded, though presenting their timeless nature. Either way, there is plenty more to discover within these wonders – perhaps a trap door, or even a corpse if you are lucky!

Run along now, class dismissed.


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