The Karnak Temple (Post Two)


Subject Code: EGYPT20052

Tutor: Egyptian Mummy

Today’s Lecture: Landmarks of Egpyt

As my child, religion will be something you become very familiar with here in Egypt. As an introduction, today’s field trip is to the “[Second] largest religious building ever constructed” – spanning roughly 200 acres! It was built in excess of 2,000 years ago in dedication to the god(desses) Mut, Khunsu, and Amun.

Every year, the Ancient Egyptians held a festival on these grounds that lasted 27 days – see, religion can be fun! The purpose of this celebration was to honour one of these Gods; a large statue of him was dipped into holy water, a ceremony symbolic of the christenings many of us are familiar with today. Musicians, Priests, and Soldiers all performed as spectators filled the temple with joyous cheers. The Egyptians were given 385 jars of beer to share – festivals have not changed much since!

Hieroglyphs in the Temple – Ancient Egyptian Script.

As you walk by the imposing columns of the temple (or the pyramids as mentioned see post one) as a tourist, you may dismiss the illustrations above as merely decoration for the wall. Rather, these are known as ‘hieroglyphs,’ an ancient writing system that uses alphabetic and logographic aspects to express their message. Due to the highly symbolic nature, it has been difficult to directly decipher many of the messages at this temple, as they are largely up to interpretation. However, I recommend taking a ‘hieroglyphic dictionary’ on our visit and piecing together any messages you can. There are many conspiracies behind what some of the illustrators were trying to portray, perhaps you can find the definitive answer? No pressure.

I know what you are thinking, ‘enough of the ancient tourist sites, Mummy.’ Luckily for you, next week we will prove an exciting twist.


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