Historic Sites.. but Protests & Fights (Post Four)

Subject Code: EGYPT30024

Tutor: Egyptian Mummy

Today’s Lecture: The other side of Egypt – Place Essentialism

We need to have a little talk..

No more play time for a few weeks – make sure you stay indoors at ALL times, okay?

I may have portrayed Egypt in an overly ‘Utopian’ manner over the past few weeks, its time I clear the air. Don’t get me wrong – it is great, but it has its own..  ‘issues’ to sort out.

Riots in Egypt - 2012/13


It is all around us.. this land is not made up of solely ancient remains. These peaceful artefacts are at times surrounded by sheer chaos. In late 2012, the leader I have often told you about, ‘Mohamed Morsi,’ tried to pass a declaration that made him frighteningly powerful – more so than he already is.

Millions. Yes, Millions turned out to protest against this man. Some were in support of his ideas, but many were strongly against them. One day you will learn the importance of his doings, but lets avoid political debate for as long as we can – it never ends well! In this case, it certainly didn’t – the opposing parties led to violent confrontations that resulted in numerous deaths.


Ignorance is not bliss – such essentialism and misrepresentation of Egypt isn’t just a mere disappointment, but rather a legitimate safety hazard. For all the travellers and young kids (like you), expecting nothing but aesthetic sites will leave you ill-prepared to face the harsh realities. Tourist routes may be hindered by destroyed buses, but an unexpected hospital visit would truly be a road-block to y0ur holiday.

Travel Tip: with the power of social media today, be sure to check for any danger in your immediate area – or even post updates yourself, particularly regarding protests.

No violent games on the Playstation today, please!


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