The Sexism Struggle (Post Five)


Subject Code: EGYPT30001

Tutor: Egyptian Mummy

Today’s Lecture: Egyptian Issues

My son, just because you’re male does not make this issue any less relevant to you. In fact, it is the men of this country hold the key to true gender equality.

Sexual assault and harassment is an ongoing issue engrained into the culture of many, a twisted ideology that needs to be amended – immediately. 


-Marital Rape is NOT illegal in Egypt; weddings should be a celebration of joy for the rest of your life, not a commitment to abuse.

-People are often too scared to report rape in fear of social rejection and being marginalised.


-There are estimates of 200,000 rapes taking place per year in Egypt.

-30% of students in a survey reported an occurrence of child sexual abuse, this consisted of both genders, you are not safe either.

This presents the harsh reality that sexism is amplified in the land we live. I have showcased to you in my prior posts that treasures that Egypt has to offer – but women are becoming too scared to experience them, or to even come out in public at all.

“Cat calling” is a form of harassment faced by pass-byers even in Australia, but this is seemingly the norm in Cairo, with hisses and sexual references directed at women.

Now, I do not wish for a repeat of the protests and riots we witnessed over the last few years. I do wish for a steady transition to rectify this ‘brain-washed’ behaviour and view of women. Start with the laws in place, and enforce this with social acceptance to report cases of misogyny.

The last few lessons have been a bit darker – but this can change. Look out for yourself, but for the women too.


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