Photo source: https://hdwallpapers.cat/egyptian_mummy_architecture_gold_ancient_hd-wallpaper-1133866/
Photo source: https://hdwallpapers.cat/egyptian_mummy_architecture_gold_ancient_hd-wallpaper-1133866/

The Blog

Wonder what it is like growing up in Egypt?

Wish you could be reborn in a new country?

Look no further. Grow up with me – your (Egyptian) ‘Mummy.’

From birth to death, I will nurture you through every stage of life in the country known as Om el Donia, the ‘Mother of the World.’

This blog will walk you through the cultural norms of growing up in Egypt at various ages; from preparing food to preparing a mummy – and everything in between.


About Me

Me on a lonely trip for one at the NGV (did not have enough time to go with the class!)
Me on a lonely trip for one at the NGV (did not have enough time to go with the class!)

My name is Samuel Buirski – having been born in the nature of Tasmania, I moved away to the ‘concrete jungle’ of Singapore at a young age. Such a transition opened my eyes to the wonder of travelling, the exotic cultures within, and the hidden gems each nation has to offer.

“We become walking video screens and living newspapers, the only channels that can take people out of the censored limits of their homelands” – Pico Iyer

Rather than reading a novel, I want to re-live the story . Rather than hearing about a place, I want to see, feel, and breath it for myself. To some the anonymity in a new destination is a hinderance, to me, it is the best part. The quote above sums up one of the many wonders of travelling.

I enjoy learning, and although it may not seem like it, I believe travelling is the most enriching and rewarding form of ‘knowledge’ available. When even greeting someone can be completely foreign to you in a new country, it is like being re-born in another life.


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